Tobias Ertel - Interaction Design


A small selection of my projects

Cover Image for ConRad E-Bike sharing with RFID

In our project we have rethought the bicycle lock system. How can bicycles be used collectively? We are not interested in the famous “last mile”, as it is the case with rental bikes in big cities. Our context of use are small communities. This could be an agency which would like to make bicycles available to its employees, but also neighbourhoods or multi-generation houses.

Cover Image for Tile - connection with your music collection

Tile - connection with your music collection

Tiles is a music player promoting a more engaging listening experience by reintroducing the suspense of playing analogue music.

Cover Image for On-Demand-Shuttleservice App

On-Demand-Shuttleservice App

Connecting small villages to cities with a sharing concept based on public taxis. 50% discount and the possibility of sharing the taxi with strangers makes the concept an attractive option to get home cheap at night.

Cover Image for Voice Interface for Language Learning

Voice Interface for Language Learning

The corona pandemic forced the world to digitize education from one day to the next. Thus, the odds are that the way we learn and teach in the future will be fundamentally changed. Our project sets itself the target to think in a future dimension and create a vision of how this future learning and teaching will look like, focussing on the acquisition of foreign languages.

Cover Image for Humus - Exhibition Design

Humus - Exhibition Design

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Cover Image for Tangram


We built a modular typography using Java Script. The project was inspired by the Chinese puzzle game "Tangram".

Cover Image for Querweltein


Our sustainability guidebook focuses entirely on environmentally friendly traveling. Twenty travel adventures of varying length show that there are more and especially more eco-friendly ways than traveling by air.